Frequently Asked Questions

Are your employees bonded and insured and covered by Workers Safety and Insurance Board?

Yes they are bonded, insured and covered by WSIB. Our workers are protected should they be injured on the job. The home owner is also protected against claims should a worker be hurt in your home. We also carry full liability insurance.

Can I walk on the tile after you clean and seal the grout?

We dry the tile and grout as we clean it so you can walk on the tile immediately after. You have to be careful not to get the grout dirty overnight until we return the following day to seal it. Once the grout is sealed, you can walk on it after two hours.

How long does it take for you to clean and seal the grout?

A crew of two or three people will work on your grout and it will take from one to three hours to clean depending on the square footage of your floor. The sealing process takes a little bit longer.

What is better, clear or colour sealer?

We recommend colour sealing your grout in order to get a totally consistent look to your grout. You can also change the colour of your grout. The colour sealer lasts up to ten years with the use of mild cleaning solutions.

Do you recommend sealing new grout?

Sealing new grout is a great way to keep the grout looking clean longer. Once it is sealed, the new grout will not absorb dirt and stains and be easier to clean. New homes are great candidates for grout sealing.

Can you regrout all sizes of floor tiles?

Yes, unless the tiles are very small or have irregular edges. Usually we cannot regrout tiles less than 4”x4” as it would be very labour intensive.

Can you apply grout over top of existing grout?

No. The new grout must have a clean surface to adhere to and there needs to be at least 1/8” of depth.

Does your grout renewal process create a lot of dust?

No. We use a dust collection vacuum with the grout removal tool which collects about 95% of the dust.

Do you clean shower and tub tile?

Yes, we use a commercial steam cleaner to clean your grout and tile without the need for harsh chemicals. Soap film, mold and most stains are removed leaving you with a clean and sanitized tub or shower. We can also replace the caulking with 100% mold resistant caulking

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