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Floor Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Has your floor grout gradually darkened over time? That's because as you wash the floor, the rinse water deposits dirt on the grout. The combination of this plus traffic darkens the grout over time to the point where it looks ugly.

We clean your floor by hand with safe, chemical free cleaning solutions that will restore your grout to its original colour. We have experimented with the so-called "best cleaning machines on the market" only to discover that we can get your grout far cleaner by hand. Scrubbers and steam cleaners can loosen and damage grout and the surface of some natural stones. They can flood your floor with water that can damage adjacent flooring and cupboards and these machines can be very noisy. Our method creates minimal mess and disruption. When you think about it, cleaning by hand just makes sense. Would you rather have your expensive car hand washed or put through the car wash where it is exposed to harsh chemicals and high pressure water or steam?

Once your newly cleaned grout has dried for 24 hours, we return to your home to seal it with a transparent environmentally safe sealer that protects the grout from absorbing dirt and stains. Any future dirt that collects on the surface will be easy to clean.

We also have a colour sealer that is available in 30 colours. This product is great if you want your grout to have a very consistent colour or if you want to change the colour.

Floor Regrouting

Do you have areas of your tile floor where the grout is cracked or has come out? This is usually due to weakening of the sub floor, causing the floor to become flexible. The result of this is tiles coming loose or grout cracking and sometimes both. There are two solutions to the problem. You can remove the old tiles, replace the sub floor and install new tiles. The cost to do this will be thousands of dollars depending on the size of your floor and be prepared to deal with lots of dust and mess. We have a solution that is a fraction of the cost of replacing your floor. We grind out the old grout and replace it with an epoxy based grout. The advantages of epoxy based grout are many. It will bind your tiles together and give you a very solid floor. It will not crack or become loose. The colour is very uniform. It is water tight and will not absorb any stains and no sealing is required.

Your grout and tiles will last for years.

Broken Tile Replacement

If you have cracked or broken floor tiles, we can replace them as long as you have new tiles. We remove the old tile, set the new tile and grout with epoxy grout, matching the grout colour as close as possible.

Shower and Bathtub Steam Cleaning and Recaulking

We use a high heat and high pressure system to clean and sanitize your shower or tub. No chemicals are used. We can also strip off the old caulking and replace it with mold resistant 100% silicone.